Louvered Roofs in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Louvered Roofs in the Twin Cities

If you’re looking for a stylish way to keep the elements off your furniture and enjoy your patio year-round, then adding a louvered roof to your home is the way to go. Retractable awnings offer shade and protection from the weather making your outdoor space more attractive and usable. Thanks to its durable manufacturing, an intelligent investment for your home that will last for many years to come.
What is a Retractable

What is a Retractable Pergola?

A louvered roof system is made up of horizontal slats that are angled just right to allow for light and air to filter through. These slats are motorized and allow you to move or pivot them according to the needs of your space.

The Benefits of Louvered Roofs for St. Paul Homes

By adding a louvered roof to your outdoor space, you add instant functionality and value to your home. A retractable pergola will add protection from the sun and full coverage from the rain, all while offering a transition space between your home and backyard.

Increases Living Space

Adding a louvered roof system to your patio creates a simple way to make another living space at your home. With the slat’s ability to move and pivot as you desire, you can enjoy the space more throughout the year. Essentially you are adding another room to your home that is entirely customizable, and you can even add roll-down screens for even more flexibility with your area.

Adds Shade to Home and Garden

Another benefit to having a pergola at your home is it provides shade to your garden. Your house will also benefit from the shade, and will reduce the cost of cooling your home. Under the louvered roof system, your patio furniture will also be protected from the sun.

Adds Value to Minneapolis Home

When a home has a louvered roof system, the value of the house increases, your patio has added style, and you have more functional space. By adding a pergola, you are, in essence, designing an additional room to your home. You can customize and add privacy to your patio by opting-in on the roll-down screens.

Features of Retractable Pergolas Twin Cities

In the Twin Cities, a retractable pergola adds appeal to the exterior of your home and offers a combination of convenience and comfort. Many features set Marygrove apart from other companies. Some of these features include high-quality materials, movable horizontal slats, and ease of operation.

High Quality Materials

We are proud to inform you that all our pergola materials are designed and manufactured to our USA’s facilities highest standard of excellence. At the time of your louvered roof construction, your needs and desire to use your patio are considered. You can have confidence in the materials we use to construct your space because they were made with you in mind.

Sturdy Horizontal Slats

The horizontal slats are completely movable and rotate 180-degrees to the angle you desire and need for your patio. You can customize the amount of light and air that filters through at the touch of a button. The slats will also keep out rain and heat so you can truly enjoy your outdoor space as often as you like.

Remote Control Operated

It can’t get any easier than changing your louvered roof at the touch of a button. That means when that pop-up thunderstorm comes along, you can quickly close the slats to keep your patio furniture protected. By having this easy-to- operate system, you can easily change the direction of the slats to how you desire.

Commercial Louvered Roofs in Minnesota

In the Twin Cities, MN, setting your business apart from others is necessary for company growth. Adding a louvered roof system will make your business easy to spot, provide an outdoor space for your guests, and overall is a wise purchase where you will see a return on investment.

Commercial retractable pergola

How a Retractable Pergola Can Benefit Your Twin Cities Busines

Whether you own a restaurant, bar, golf course, or cafe, the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding a louvered roof system to your business. Guests will notice your business as it will stand out from others in your community. If you are in the food and beverage industry additional outdoor seating can be added to increase your capacity, bringing in more revenue for you. The retractable pergola has horizontal slats that move 180-degrees allowing you to still accommodate your guest even in the middle of a thunderstorm. At Marygrove, we offer an in- house design team that will work alongside you to develop a plan to personalize your business needs.

Retractable Awnings Minneapolis, MN

Marygrove Awnings is an American-based manufacturer with expertise in louvered roof systems and awnings. We are happy to provide free on-site estimates, custom-designed retractable awnings according to your space and needs, and install louvered roof systems for residential and commercial in the Twin Cities. We pride ourselves on our professional team, customer service, and American-made materials.

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Reach out to Marygrove Awnings today if you are interested in learning how to work together to help your business stand out from others. We offer an in- house design team that will work alongside you to create a plan to personalize the needs of your business.