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Greater Toledo is one of our newly added markets that Marygrove Awnings has rapidly expanded into. We look forward to bringing our award-winning customer service and awnings and retractable pergolas to this Ohio city.

From our humble roots in Detroit, Michigan, Marygrove Awnings has grown to become one of the premier manufacturers of high-quality awnings in the Midwest. We work with commercial and business establishments to raise their exposure and enhance brand visibility to the public. Our residential awnings are of the highest quality and come loaded with additional benefits that many of our competitors do not carry.

In addition to retractable and fixed awnings, Marygrove offers retractable pergolas that will turn any outside space into a backyard paradise.

Let’s dive in and take a look at our awning and retractable pergola options we have available so you can decide which one will fit your needs.

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Retractable Awnings Toledo, Ohio

Do you want the freedom of being able to extend or retract your awning whenever desired? If so, our retractable awnings may be the perfect option for you! Retractable awnings can make a wonderful addition to residential and commercial properties. Our retractable awnings are equipped with standard industry features, giving you the ability to customize your awning. In addition, our awnings come with an adjustable pitch, integrated cover housing system, adjustable slope, and double cable arms.

The benefits of having a retractable awning installed are endless. One huge advantage of our retractable awnings is that they are operated with just the push of a button. This makes them much easier to operate, as you don’t have to manually crank them. Our retractable awnings are also extremely adaptable to the changing weather. Simply push the button to have your awning retracted if a storm rolls in.

Residential retractable awnings can turn your backyard into a more enjoyable place to be, and commercial retractable awnings can improve the visibility of your business and provide a shaded area for customers. Whether you’re interested in a retractable awning for residential or commercial use, we can guarantee you’ll fall in love with Marygrove retractable awnings!


Residential Awnings Toledo, OH

Does your patio get too hot for comfort during the summer? If so, a residential awning may be the perfect option for your home in Toledo, Ohio. Our residential awnings are available in several designs, including condo retractable awningswindow shades/solar screens, fixed awnings and louvered roof systems. We also have a large assortment of awning accessories to choose from.

A residential awning is a perfect way to transform your patio into a luxurious hang-out spot. Not only will it protect you and guests from the weather, but it will also protect your furniture. Our residential awnings in Toledo, OH, are available in several colors and patterns, allowing you to match the awning with your house’s color scheme. Let us know which design you’re attracted to and we’ll get started at creating your awning right away!

Commercial Awnings Toledo, OH

Spruce up your facility in Toledo, Ohio with one of our commercial awnings! There are many benefits to having a commercial awning. One key way is that it will improve the visibility of your business, increase usable space and make your building look more attractive. Commercial awnings are commonly installed at restaurants to provide outdoor seating for customers, but any business can benefit from having an awning.

We offer a wide selection of commercial awnings, ranging from metal standing seam awnings, rolling shutters and storefront awnings to outdoor seating awnings, smoking shelters and louvered roof systems. We understand that first impressions are powerful, and this is why we work hard to create an awning that will pair well with your business.

Canvas Awnings Toledo, OH

Want to have a canvas awning installed at your home or business in Toledo, OH? Marygrove has you covered! Our canvas awnings are available in a variety of fabric designs, ranging from classic patterns to contemporary styles. Marygrove’s canvas awnings are long-lasting, easy to use and can make a lovely addition to your patio.

There are many benefits to installing a canvas awning rather than an acrylic awning. Such advantages are that canvas awnings are affordable, easy to install and replace, and can enhance your deck or patio with their decorative designs. With proper care, canvas awnings can last for several years. Let us know what style of canvas awning you’re interested in and we’ll get started on installing it right away!

Retractable Pergolas Toledo, Ohio

Besides providing a wide selection of awnings for residential and commercial use, we also can install retractable pergolas. Made from horizontal slats that can be angled to admit light and air, retractable pergolas can make an awesome addition to your home or business. Residential retractable pergolas will give your backyard a relaxing atmosphere, while a commercial retractable pergola will provide outdoor seating for customers and make your business more attractive. Our pergola systems can be used in any climate, as they are snow-load rated and very durable. Below, let’s discover the benefits of having a retractable pergola installed for your home or business.

Benefits of Residential Retractable Pergolas Toledo, OH

Want to spend more time relaxing outside? A Marygrove retractable pergola may be just what you need! Also known as a louvered roof, a retractable pergola is designed to admit light and air while still sheltering you from the heat and rain. Our retractable pergolas provide a comfortable place for guests to relax without being completely exposed to the elements. This allows you to spend more valued time with friends and family without worrying about what the weather may bring.

Retractable pergolas not only provide a pleasant place for entertainment, but they also boost your curb appeal. Our retractable pergolas have an attractive and inviting look to them, making guests feel welcome. Similar to retractable awnings, a retractable pergola canopy can easily be operated with just the push of the button. Choose what pergola design you want and let us install the retractable pergola of your dreams!

Benefits of Commercial Retractable Pergolas Toledo, OH

Retractable pergolas, commonly referred to as louvered roof systems, are an excellent way to make the most out of the outdoor space of your business. Designed with a series of horizontal slats angled to admit air and light, retractable pergolas offer endless possibilities for outdoor seating. Customers will be sheltered from the weather but will still be able to enjoy the fresh air. Although they’re often installed at restaurants, retractable pergolas can make a wonderful addition to practically any business. Not only will our retractable pergolas provide shade for customers but they will improve the visibility of your company.

Whether it’s a residential retractable pergola you’re looking for or a pergola for commercial use, Marygrove has you covered. Let us know what design you have in mind and leave the rest to us!

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