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Introducing Marygrove’s newest market: Columbus, Ohio! Although we have been servicing the Buckeye state around Toledo for several years, 2020 marks the first year we are providing our award-winning service to Columbus, OH. We look forward to providing high-quality awnings and retractable pergolas to area residents.

From our humble roots in Detroit, Michigan, Marygrove Awnings has grown to become one of the premier manufacturers of high-quality awnings in the Midwest. We work with commercial and business establishments to boost exposure and promote brand visibility while bringing a signature touch to their buildings. Our residential awnings are of top quality and come loaded with additional benefits that many of our competitors do not carry.

Let’s explore Marygrove’s awning and retractable pergola offerings we can install for you.

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Retractable Awnings Columbus, Ohio

Are you pondering the idea of having a retractable awning installed at your home or facility in Columbus, Ohio? Marygrove can help make the process easy for you! Due to their ease of use and ability to adapt to the weather, retractable awnings are a common choice for commercial and residential use. In addition to sheltering you and your home from the weather, our retractable awnings also improve the curb appeal of your house and bring customers to your business.

Unlike a fixed awning, a retractable awning can quickly be extended out or retracted in to provide an enjoyable place for you and your guests. They are crafted to provide shade and protection from the weather while still allowing air to flow freely. Our retractable awnings are available in several designs, patterns and fabrics. Let us know what awning design you have in mind and we will get started on installing it right away!

Residential Awnings Columbus, OH

During the summer, decks and patios can become fairly hot, making it difficult for family and friends to gather together outside at your home. With a Marygrove residential awning, however, you will no longer have to worry about being scorched by the sun. Our residential awnings are designed to shelter you from the weather, whether the sun is shining or rain is streaming down.

Our residential awnings in Columbus, OH, are available in a variety of types. Retractable awnings are a common choice as they are easy to operate and are very durable. Other types of residential awnings to choose from include condo retractable awningswindow shades/solar screens, fixed awnings, louvered roof systems, and an assortment of awning accessories. Each of these awning types is available in a large variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Whichever design you choose, we can guarantee that you will fall in love with your residential Marygrove awning!

Commercial Awnings

Our commercial awning in Columbus, Ohio are designed to improve the visibility of your business, increase useable space, protect indoor products from the sun, and make your facility look attractive. Simply let us know the dimensions of your building, and we will supply, deliver, and install the commercial awning of your choice.There are many types of commercial awnings to consider installing for your business in Columbus, OH. The following awnings are the most common types of awnings for commercial use: metal standing seam awningsrolling shuttersstorefront awningsoutdoor seating awningssmoking shelters and louvered roof systems. Choose which commercial awning you’d like and leave the rest to us!

Canvas Awnings

Would you prefer to have a canvas awning installed? Marygrove provides canvas awnings in a variety of fabrics and patterns. Our canvas awnings can be installed in a fixed position or as a retractable awning. There are many benefits to having a canvas awning installed rather than an acrylic awning.

Canvas awnings, in contrast to acrylic awnings, are affordable and are easy to install and replace. Canvas awnings are also durable and will last for several years, given that you care for them properly and clean them regularly. Just like any other awning, a canvas awning will provide protection from the weather and coolness during the summer. In addition to being very practical, our canvas awnings are also available in a variety of colors and patterns. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or a contemporary style, Marygrove can make your dreams of a canvas awning come true.

Retractable Pergolas Columbus, Ohio

Transform your backyard or business into a luxurious hangout with a retractable pergola. Our retractable pergolas are made from horizontal slats that can be angled to allow as much light and air to enter your patio as desired. Retractable pergola canopies are similar to retractable awnings, except they are designed to be attached to a pergola rather than the roof of your house. Our pergolas systems are snow load rated and can be used in any climate.

Residential retractable awnings can boost your curb appeal and make your backyard a relaxing place to be, while commercial retractable pergolas can transform your outdoor seating area and protect your customers from the sun. Before allowing us to install your retractable pergola in Columbus, Ohio, take a moment to consider the advantages of having one below.

Benefits of Retractable Pergolas

With just the push of a button, a retractable pergola can be adjusted to allow light in while still providing shade and protection from the weather. Retractable pergolas are extremely adaptable, making it easy to adjust to whatever the weather may bring. Our retractable pergolas will not only shelter you from the elements but will protect your furniture and patio floor.

Not only does a retractable pergola make a lovely addition to homes but they are fantastic additions to businesses. Commercial retractable pergolas provide a shaded area for outdoor seating and will shelter your customers from the weather. In addition to increasing space, commercial retractable pergolas improve the visibility of your company and elevate your curb appeal. Retractable pergolas are a common option for restaurants but can be installed for practically any business.

Whether you are interested in a retractable pergola for residential or commercial use, Marygrove has you covered. Let us know what type of design you want and we’ll get moving to install it right away!

Columbus Area Town/Cities That We Serve

Marygrove Awnings proudly serves the greater Columbus area, check out the list or the map below to see our current areas of service.  Don’t see your town listed?  Simply contact us and we will be in touch!

  • Columbus, OH
  • Dublin, OH
  • Grove City, OH
  • Marysville, OH
  • Mt. Sterling, OH
  • Springfield, OH
  • Delaware, OH
  • Centerburg, OH
  • Utica, OH
  • Circleville, OH
  • Newark, OH
  • Hebron, OH
  • Millersport, OH
  • Lancaster, OH
  • Jeffersonville, OH

Columbus Mobile Showroom

Your time is important to us, and this is why we will come directly to your house! Our mobile showroom allows us to be extremely flexible and deliver service right to your front door. Marygrove services the Greater Columbus designated market area.