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Do you want to have a Marygrove awning or retractable pergola installed at your location in Chicago, Illinois? Then you have come to the right place! We service the Chicago area. There is no need to trek north because we come to you. As one of our newly added markets, Marygrove Awnings has expanded rapidly into the Greater Chicago area. We enjoy bringing our award-winning customer service and products to a whole new city. 

From our humble roots in Detroit, Michigan, Marygrove Awnings has grown to become one of the premier manufacturers of high-quality awnings in the Midwest. We work with commercial and business establishments to increase exposure and drive brand visibility while adding a special touch to their buildings. Our residential awnings are of the highest quality and come loaded with additional benefits that many of our competitors do not carry.

Let’s take a look at the many awning and retractable pergola options that we offer for residential use in Chicago, IL.

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Retractable Awnings Chicago, Illinois

Want to have a retractable awning installed at your home or business in Chicago, Illinois? We can help make those dreams come true! Retractable awnings are a common choice due to their ease of use and ability to adapt to the weather. Whether the sun is shining or it’s pouring rain, our retractable awnings can be adjusted to fit your needs. Not only are retractable awnings practical but they increase your curb appeal and attract customers to your business. Whether you’re interested in a retractable awning for residential or commercial use, we’ve got all your needs covered.

A retractable awning is a quick and easy way to make your patio or porch a more enjoyable place to be. No longer will you have to worry about guests being scorched by the sun because our retractable awnings are designed to provide shade while still allowing air to flow freely. Even when it is raining out, you and your family can enjoy sitting on your patio with your retractable awning sheltering you from the elements. Once we install your retractable awning, you’ll always wonder how you got by without it.

Residential Awnings Chicago

The advantages of having a residential awning at your home are endless. Residential awnings can boost your curb appeal, provide relief during the summer heat, shield your home from the weather, offer more livable space and much more. If you have been considering adding a residential awning to your home, allow Marygrove to make the process easy for you. We offer a large variety of colors and designs to choose from as well as different types of awnings. Whether you’re looking for a retractable residential awning or a fixed awning for your home, we’ve got you covered.

There are several other types of residential awnings besides retractable awnings and fixed awnings. Other types of awnings include condo retractable awningswindow shades or solar screens and louvered roof systems. Marygrove also provides a collection of awning accessories to make your experience of using an awning as enjoyable as possible. Each of these options is available in an assortment of colors and patterns, allowing you to match your awning with your house color and patio decor. Choose which design works best for you and leave the rest to us!

Retractable Pergolas Chicago, Illinois

Not only do we provide retractable awnings but offer retractable pergolas in Chicago, IL. Retractable pergolas can make a lovely addition to your home as they provide a pleasant space for entertainment and enhance your curb appeal. Retractable pergola canopies are very similar to retractable awnings but are specifically designed to be attached to a pergola rather than your house. They are crafted to provide shade over your patio yet still allow air to flow freely into your pergola. Our pergola systems are very durable and are snow-load rated, allowing them to be used in any climate with no issues. Before allowing us to install a retractable pergola for your home, take a moment to consider the benefits of having a retractable pergola.

Benefits of Retractable Pergolas Chicago, IL

Although permanent pergola canopies may be nice, a retractable pergola allows you to adjust your pergola to the changing weather with just the push of a button. A retractable pergola will also protect your furniture from the elements as well as shelter you from whatever the weather may bring.

Not only can a retractable pergola be installed at your home but they can be a nice addition to businesses. Commercial retractable pergolas increase the visibility of your facility and can provide shade for your customers. Retractable pergolas are a common choice for restaurants, although they can be used for practically any business. Commercial retractable pergolas are designed in the same way as residential retractable pergolas, only they may be built much larger, depending on the size of your building.

If your home or business has a pergola, a retractable pergola canopy is something you should consider investing in. Let us know what type of design you want, and we’ll get to installing it right away!

Marygrove awnings serves the entire area of Illinois from the Indiana line the whole way up to Wisconsin along lake Michigan.  We also cover the northwest part of Indiana.  Stretching westward we cover an expansive area that is constantly growing.  Below we have listed all the major towns/cities that our current service area covers.  If you are still interested in an awning, feel free to contact us and we will try to make something work!

  • Chicago, IL
  • Gary, IN
  • Merrilville, IN
  • Crystal Lake, IL
  • McHenry, IL
  • Schaumburg, IL
  • Hammond, IN
  • Portage, IN
  • St. Charles, IL
  • Dekalb, IL
  • Elgin, IL
  • Harvard, IL
  • Arlington Heights, IL
  • Downers Grove, IL
  • Bolingbrook, IL
  • Rockford, IL

Chicago Mobile Showroom

Your time is important to us, and this is why we will come directly to your house! Our mobile showroom allows us to be extremely flexible and deliver service right to your front door. Marygrove services the Greater Chicago designated market area.

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