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Rolling Shutters

Marygrove rolling shutters provide extra security, protection from violent weather, increased energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Adding rolling shutters—also called roll up shutters, roll down shutters, hurricane shutters and storm shutters—to your facility is a fantastic way to protect your business’ windows from damage by offering a layer of sturdy, reliable and built-to-last protection.

Rolling shutters are also able to deflect heat, keeping your cooling costs down during warmer months. Using window treatments with insulated slats reduces noise inside an office by as much as 10 decibels.

Marygrove Rolling Shutters Provide Protection for Your Business

Rolling shutters are an excellent way to protect your business’ windows from unwanted entry and violent weather. They provide a physical deterrent to burglars and flying debris. Rolling shutters’ aluminum construction creates a sturdy barrier that shields your windows from damage.

When you think of all the assets located in your business, how many of those are you willing to lose? If you answered, none, then rolling shutters may be just the ideal way to keep you from losing any valuables in your business.

Marygrove Rolling Shutters Provide Exceptional Ease of Use

Marygrove rolling shutters can be opened and closed with ease. You have the option to roll your shutters up or down with a manual crank or an electric switch. Marygrove’s shutters can be quickly deployed in the case of a sudden onset of dangerous and even violent weather, from thunderstorms, hailstorms and snowstorms to hurricanes and tornadoes.

Rolling shutters provide peace of mind with their ease of use and other added benefits.

Storms and natural disasters happen—sometimes without much notice. With rolling shutters, you will have a protection plan in place in the case of violent weather. In places that have a hurricane season, rolling shutters are considered to be a very wise investment. Let’s take a look at some additional key benefits of rolling shutters.

Rolling Shutters Deliver Supreme Window and Door Protection

Glass windows and doors can easily break if debris hits them. It does not take much force to break even heavy-duty glass. When a glass window or door breaks, your whole business is vulnerable to the weather seeping in. If the weather is cold out, heat will escape if a hole or crack were to occur in a glass door or window. In hot weather, if air conditioning is on, the air conditioning may run nonstop to keep up with the heat that comes in through a glass break. 

Also, intruders and wild animals can easily walk in through a broken door or window. All these possibilities are magnified if you are away from your business for a period of time. With rolling shutters, you won’t have to worry about this kind of scenario happening.

Rolling Shutters Can Save Your Business Lots of Money in the Long Run

If you think about how much you may spend on broken doors or windows that are not protected by rolling shutters, rolling shutters will cost less in the long run. Also, rolling shutters can provide protection again and again through many seasons and storms.

A window replacement can be done if you don’t have rolling shutters, but even when it is replaced, a window without protection is just going to be vulnerable again. Instead, consider buying rolling shutters and protect your business’ windows and doors once and for all.

Rolling Shutters Cut Down on Outside Noise from Entering Your Business

Because rolling shutters provide another layer of material from the outside world, they can reduce sound from coming in and disrupting activity in your business. If your business is located near a railroad track or in a noisy area of a city, rolling shutters can especially reduce outdoor noise from entering your business and potentially disrupting your staff and patrons. Reduced noise can translate into less stress, with noise reduction possibly equating to a happier and healthier team.

Marygrove rolling shutters, when used with insulated slats, reduce noise inside an office by as much as 10 decibels.

Rolling Shutters Will Keep Heat In

One big advantage of using rolling shutters at your business is that you will have less heat loss when the rolling shutters are down. If you are facing extra-windy weather or extreme cold, just put your rolling shutter down, especially at night, when outdoor light coming in is not needed.

Following are a few handy tips to help you take better care of your rolling shutters.

Lubricate Your Rolling Shutters As Needed

Rolling shutters need minimal care to be kept in top condition. One of the main things that you may need to do as your rolling shutters age is to lubricate some of the gears and wheels if the rolling shutter becomes noisy. When moving parts of any metal device are not well-lubricated, they can become noisy. The same is true of rolling shutters.

Use Rolling Shutters With Care

Always follow the directions that came with your rolling shutters. Treat them with care and they will last for many years to come.

Clean Dirt and Debris off of Your Rolling Shutters

Dust off any dirt or debris on your rolling shutters. If you do this routinely, you will be sure to keep your business’ rolling shutters in top form. After windstorms, you may also want to go out and dust off your rolling shutters as debris may have become lodged in them.

Do Not Use Harsh Detergents on Your Rollings Shutters

Be sure to follow directions exactly when cleaning your rolling shutters. The use of harsh cleaners will shorten the life of rolling shutters. Water sprayed with a hose is often plenty needed to keep your rolling shutters clean.

Replace Loose Bolts and Fittings

Because rolling shutters are operated often, it is possible for the bolts and fittings to become loose over time. If you notice any missing bolts or pieces, change the mechanism to manual and call a technician for help. Avoiding repair of your rolling shutters not only risks damaging them but is also very dangerous.

Inspect Your Rolling Shutters Regularly

To keep your rolling shutters in top performance, it is important to inspect them regularly. It is recommended to examine your rolling shutters once a month for any repairs. Check to see whether your rolling shutters operate smoothly and whether they can be stopped at any point. If you notice that your rolling shutters are not operating correctly, call a qualified professional right away to prevent further damage or even injury.

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