Window Screens

What is a Window Screen?

Window screens are a perfect solution if you’re looking to increase the amount of fresh air in your home. Made of woven mesh, our custom window screens are high-quality, durable screens that allow for good outward visibility while protecting you from harmful UV rays.

Window screens provide natural ventilation and are a great alternative to air conditioning in warmer weather. Simply open your windows and let the small mesh size of your new window screens keep the insects and dust out. One of the most popular retractable screen applications on the market, window screens provide a cost effective, modern way to spruce up your house. 

Looking for a window screen solution for your business? We offer heavy-duty commercial solutions perfect for any company.

Benefits of Marygrove Window Screens

Keep Debris Out

Marygrove custom window screens are perfect to keep dust, insects, and allergens out of your home. Better than standard screens, each window screen is perfectly made to fit into your window. With a tightly woven window screen material made from PVC-coated fiberglass, similar to our insect screens, your windows are protected from a variety of outdoor detritus.

Enjoy The View

Made from transparent material, our window screen mesh gives you a chance to enjoy the scenery while still curbing the amount of sun and heat that make it through. With the ability to endure all types of weather, a mesh window screen ensures that you can enjoy the view any time of year. Worried about curb appeal? Our screens will fit perfectly into your windows creating a seamless look for your home.

Protect and Cool Your Home

Keeping your home protected from pests and UV rays is important especially when you want to open your windows in warmer weather. Our custom fiberglass screens keep your interior furnishings and carpet from fading while providing shade to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Screens

Solar screens can be placed anywhere in your home.  Window screens are considered an application of a solar screen. Window screens fit directly in your window frame. They have a specific screen frame that they fit into.  

Yes! We have a team of installation experts who will help you measure your window frames to ensure that your screens fit perfectly.

After we form a plan for your home and understand the screens you want to install, Marygrove will schedule an appointment with you and come to your home to take care of the entire installation process. You won’t have to lift a finger! After installing, we will ensure that all your questions are answered and that you are fully comfortable with your new screens and how to use them.

Our pricing is based on the size and quantity of windows and entryways you want to have screened. To receive more information and the most accurate estimate for your home, please contact us at 1-866-806-4785 to schedule an appointment.

Here’s how to clean them: begin by brushing off the easy stuff with a microfiber towel. Then, gently run water over them with a hose to eliminate any excess dirt. Finally, mix some water with an all-purpose cleaner and lightly scrub with a sponge.

Rinse and repeat until they are really clean, and lightly dab them on a towel to let them dry.

Our window screens are very similar to our insect or no see um screens. The main difference is the thickness and tightnesses of the mesh. Additionally, window screens fit directly into your window frame. Insect screens can be used on a door, patio, or in your windows. There are many different styles of screens available. Check out all our retractable and fixed screen options.

When traditional window screens are properly installed, you can expect them to last about 10 years or more. 

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