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Treat yourself to a retractable awning from Marygrove this year and you will not regret it. We’re the best at turning a backyard or outdoor space into the place to be! All of our motorized deck or patio awnings come equipped with the standard industry features, providing you with the ability to customize yours to suit your home perfectly. Our home awning systems also have an adjustable pitch, integrated cover housing system, adjustable slope and double cable arms. All of these features let you add a high-quality, versatile awning to your home. If you’re concerned about installation, have no fear, we feature an experienced team of installers and our resource center has an awning installation checklist to help keep you aware of what to expect. Stay in the shade and boost your home equity with a retractable awning today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Placement is key for getting the most use out of an awning. When looking to install an awning on your house, it’s important to consider not only location but awning size and how you plan on using your awning as well.

Installing an awning over your deck or patio offers additional shade for more fun outdoors. Outdoor awnings over patios, porches, decks, and even apartment balconies cover guests, protecting them from light rain and harmful ultraviolet rays.

When installed and extended over windows and doors, the shade from a retractable awning can also help lower the cost of cooling your house during warmer months. The cover of a retractable awning also helps prevent light rain showers from blowing into your home through window screens and screen doors.

Roll out awnings are made in different sizes to accommodate various areas and needs. How you plan to use your awning and the size of the area are the two main factors to consider when choosing what size retractable awning is best for your home.

Large retractable awnings are ideal for families or couples who spend much time entertaining outside. Be sure to have a pro mount your retractable awning over your deck to avoid problems caused by loose brackets or improperly installed motors.

A small retractable awning is perfect for covering an apartment balcony. Again, having a professional install your new awning will help eliminate the price of replacement parts or repairs.

The three most popular dimensions of prefabricated retractable deck and patio awnings are:

12′ x 10′

16′ x 12′

20′ x 12′

Custom sizes are also an option through some suppliers. Twelve-foot extendable arms often come standard on large, high-quality awnings.

If you’re still building your house, you can have installers work with your architect during the build to determine the best location for your retractable awning.

After installation is complete, a new retractable awning is easy to operate. If you have a mechanical retractable awning attached to your house, rolling out the collapsible arms is as simple as pushing a button until the canopy covers your outdoor area. Manual retractable awnings are less common nowadays. They are more complicated and require more muscle to crank open, making the metal arms tougher to unfold and fold back into the protective hood of the awning. The new trend is owning a power-operated, motorized awning.

When the sun begins to set but you’re still partying out back, high-quality retractable awnings have pitch adjustment features that allow you to angle the corner of the awning with just a few cranks, better shading you and your guests.

More modern motorized retractable awnings add personality to homes.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun and its harmful UV rays. The best retractable awning also features an adjustable pitch, so the canvas top cuts the sun’s blinding glare and reduces exposure to cancerous ultraviolet rays.

Adding motors to retractable awnings revolutionized the awning industry. Operation of a motorized awning system is easy–extend it with a push of a button instead of needing to manually crank in order to fully open your awning, so you can experience fewer problems and more time relaxing with friends and a glass or two of your favorite cold beverage.

Residential retractable awnings can also add value to your home. They make good selling points–great for shade in a treeless backyard or a fun place to relax after a swim out back on a hot summer day. Installing a small awning over an exterior doorway adds a warm, welcoming touch to the front of your home.

With many types of decorative colors and stylish striped fabric options to choose from, it’s easy to find a waterproof retractable awning that complements your home and style. Aluminum housing for the awning is also available in different colors and helps preserve the fabric color and quality. Aluminum is light, so it does not pull on the side of your home like other metal cassette housings when properly mounted.

Performing proper maintenance and cleaning your retractable awning are essential for preserving the longevity of even the best awnings on the market.

Caring for your own patio or deck awning starts with knowing how it operates. Motorized retractable awnings can be controlled just by holding down a button. You can avoid sagging by fully extending the awning over your porch or patio whenever possible to prevent sagging.

Avoid keeping your awning open in bad weather conditions. Extendable awnings should never be exposed to snow, harsh rain, or wind blowing at least 20 mph. Weight applied by snow can cause the heavy duty fabric to sag. In some cases, too much weight may cause the arms to bend, preventing your awning from properly retracting when you finally put it away. Overexposure to the elements also reduces the longevity of the fabric and can damage the electric motor. To maintain a long-lasting awning, be sure to always slide back the awning before bad weather hits.

If rolled up when wet, mold and mildew may grow on the canopy fabric. Mold can stain and damage the material of the awning, so always be sure your awning is dry before you store it back in its casing.

If you need replacement parts, be sure to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible so you have very little downtime.

Not only should you retract your awning when it is not being used, it is also important to clean your awning approximately once a month during the spring and summer. On houses in midwestern states like Michigan and Illinois, this is as simple as a quick hose down and brushing to remove any loose dirt or debris. Don’t forget to let the awning air dry before retracting it back into its aluminum cassette housing.

To improve the life of your retractable awning, it’s recommended to perform a deep clean every two years. In addition to hosing it down and brushing away the dirt, using a brush with soft bristles, gently scrub the top and underside of your awning with a mix of cold water and mild soap. Be sure the soap is fully rinsed from your awning and that it is completely dry before you put it away.

Many people don’t realize that the material of their awnings can be damaged from overexposure to the acid in vines, leaves, and shrubberies. Taller plants should not be kept near your retractable awning. If you’re unable to move your plants, trim them back so they don’t touch the rainproof fabric of the awning.

Avoid DIY box kits from the average home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. A home improvement store won’t send a seasoned pro to install your awning, and installation is no easy task.

If you want a retractable awning that will last, buy from a top rated awning supplier that offers on-site installation. Pricing differs from out-of-the-box products and quality awnings by a reputable awning manufacturer, but if you do your research and read the awning reviews, you’re sure to find a good sale.

The experts at Marygrove Awnings® have got you covered. We can help determine the best spot on your home for a retractable awning. We offer no-hassle installation of awnings that come standard with a full range of industry-exclusive features like LED lights built into the folding arms, two valances, and eco-friendly polyester fabrics. With these features and more, Marygrove Awnings® creates prefab and custom affordable residential retractable awnings that fit your budget while allowing you to more easily customize your outdoor entertainment area. Our goal is to make the installation and user experience as hands-free for you as possible. If you’re ready, contact us today to get rolling.

Marygrove will work with you to choose the best type of mounting application for your awning. Whether it’s a traditional flush wall mount, roof mount, or custom mount we have you covered. 

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