Porch Awnings

If you’re looking for porch ideas, look no further than our porch awnings. With a variety of options, we can keep you out of the sun and enjoying your porch in any weather

Whether you’re looking for front porch ideas or patio awnings for your backyard, Marygrove has plenty of options to keep you out of the direct sunlight and will help you choose the perfect awning for you.

Types of Porch Shade

Are you starting to search for porch possibilities for your yard or condo? No need for a local contractor, Marygrove offers years of experience and will deliver a customized solution for your home that you will absolutely love. With options from retractable awnings to louvered roofs, we quite literally have you covered.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings are made for versatility. With custom fabrics, sizes, and accessory options, you can’t go wrong with any of our awnings. Protecting you and your porch furniture from the sun, you have shade when you want it. With the touch of a button, your backyard oasis is seconds away.

With industry-leading features, our high-quality awnings are weather-resistant and open or closed will serve as a perfect porch area for your home.  If you live in a condo association and have specific requirements, we can also work with your HOA to make sure your awning is compliant. 


Like an awning, pergolas are a great cover for porches. Offering a modern look, pergolas are a great addition to any backyard. However, pergolas do not offer any shade. Enter the louvered roof, constructed of aluminum slats that cover your pergola to provide your porch with on-demand shade or sun with the simple click of a button.

Benefits of Owning a Porch Awning

Marygrove offers a ton of awnings options. From an awning to cover your front door to retractable awnings with an electric motor, we have plenty of other awnings that will help cover any porch in any weather.

From curb appeal to energy efficiency, a porch awning can have many advantages. Not only can awnings provide added protection to your seating area by keeping out the sun and rain, but they can also keep your home cooler, your energy costs down, and your enjoyability high!

Porch Awning Accessories

Many accessories are available for our retractable awnings. All of our new models come with LED lights equipped, allowing you the perfect ambiance at any time of day. We offer wind sensors and poles to secure your porch awnings in high winds. Additionally, you can customize any awning with solar shades, filtering more light to give you a perfectly shaded porch.

Awning Over Back Porch
Choosing Right Awning

Which Awning is Right for You?

Marygrove offers a variety of options. No shipping involved, we hand-deliver all the parts for our porch awnings and help you install them on our visit. Interested in pricing or looking for more information as you shop? Call our amazing customer service team for great ideas from design to picking a product you love.

Looking for a commercial option to shelter your store or business from the sun and rain? We have commercial solutions, too!

Frequently Asked Questions About Porch Awnings

Yes! At Marygrove, our custom awnings are there to cover your porch, patio, or deck. Installed on any part of your home, providing shade where you need it most.

Absolutely! Porch awnings are great to increase the longevity of furniture on your patio from fading and from the elements. An awning can also protect furniture and rugs inside your home from fading because less of the sun’s rays enter through the doors and windows!

It is important to clean your awning approximately once a month during the spring and summer. On houses in midwestern states like Michigan and Illinois, this is as simple as a quick hose down and brushing to remove any loose dirt or debris.

To improve the life of your awning, it’s recommended to perform a deep clean every two years. In addition to hosing it down and brushing away the dirt, using a brush with soft bristles, gently scrub the top and underside of your awning with a mix of cold water and mild soap. Be sure the soap is fully rinsed from your awning and that it is completely dry before you put it away.

Many people don’t realize that the material of their awnings can be damaged from overexposure to the acid in vines, leaves, and shrubberies. Taller plants should not be kept near your retractable awning. If you’re unable to move your plants, trim them back so they don’t touch the rainproof fabric of the awning.

If you purchase a retractable awning, the awning should always be retracted when not in use to ensure its lifespan.

The best time to buy is before the weather gets super hot. You can however buy throughout the year, as awning manufacturers tend to offer special incentives based on the season.  If you are tired of being hot outside on your porch it’s probably time to purchase a porch awning. 

Yes!  This is a huge benefit of awnings, ours typically cool down the area underneath the awning by about 20 degrees. Saving on additional energy costs is also a huge benefit of our awnings. 

Financing Available!*

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