Metal Standing Seam Awnings

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About Our Metal Standing Seam Awnings

Marygrove standing seam awnings are designed to enhance any structure for years to come. Built to last, our metal awnings use substructures with durable finishes that require very little maintenance. Our standing seam metal panels come in a variety of different widths, gauges, and colors and are coated with specialty metals. This means we are able to color-match your design and color schemes and create a custom high-quality design to incomparably suit your business’s needs.

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Low Maintenance

Nothing lasts longer than a well-designed metal awning. Standing seam awnings from Marygrove are designed for longevity and require very little maintenance. All awning components are sealed and finished to ensure they can withstand the elements. Complete with stainless steel hardware, a standing seam awning is extremely durable. Our factory finishes ensure the uninterrupted maintenance and continued beauty of your business’s fixed awning.

Standing Seam Awning Customization

Marygrove metal awnings can be customized to meet the needs of your business. Our design experts will work with you to create a structure that not only enhances your business but will also last. With improved weather resistance and a durable frame and fasteners, these metal awnings provide protection from snow loads, rain, and sun. We are able to create unique designs to coordinate with the facade of your building. With a custom awning width, the standing seam awning frame will provide the cover you need. Marygrove also uses specialty painted coatings on the metal framework of fixed awnings that can be matched to many colors.

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Commercial Metal Awnings by Marygrove

Standing seam awnings are made for commercial and residential use. If you’re planning to install one at your business, you can cover windows, doors, or even a patio. These awnings are made to withstand the elements and are extremely durable.

Want a nice awning for protection from the sun? Look no further than a low-maintenance standing seam awning. Your customer will thank you because they are covered and protected from the elements. Additionally, you can save money on your energy bill! Installing a standing seam awning will help you reduce cooling costs and protect your building from the sun’s rays.

With all these benefits, our metal awnings seem like a no-brainer. Marygrove can work with you to find the perfect metal awning to protect your customers and your business. Our proven commercial awning process has been providing high level installations to Michigan businesses for 85+ years. There isn’t another awning contractor out their who can customize, install or service like we can. DIY kits, sold by competitors, are available but can lack instructions and be hard to assemble.

With Marygrove, you won’t have to worry about installation or missing parts. Boasting plenty of options in stock, we will work with you to have our experts provide assembly and installation after purchase. For a commercial business estimate, contact Marygrove Awnings with your dimensions for your perfectly installed metal awning solution.

Interested in our residential awning services? We do that too. Look at all of our residential options to choose the right retractable awning or louvered roof system for your home!