Livionia Chapter Awards 2021

Oustanding Business of the Year

Marygrove Awnings was recently recognized with the Livonia Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Outstanding Large Business of the Year Award.

The Livonia Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that supports businesses in Livonia. The chamber hosts networking, professional development, and business promotion events every year. During their Leadership & Awards Celebration, they celebrate and recognize small and large businesses in Livonia.

Commercial Awnings During the COVID Pandemic

The last year has been hard on everyone, especially local businesses like restaurants in our community. The COVID pandemic caused many businesses to pivot unexpectedly. For example, many restaurants were not allowed to serve patrons seated indoors. Many businesses started offering seating outdoors for the first time, and other restaurants needed to expand their outdoor seating area. Awnings are a great way to make sure people are comfortable when eating outside, so many Detroit businesses starting to call in about adding awnings to expand their outdoor dining areas.

Around Town with Marygrove

Our efforts didn’t end there. We’re committed to helping businesses in the greater Detroit area grow and flourish through local partnerships. That’s why we worked with WJR Radio to create our Around Town with Marygrove series. Each week, we have an interview with a local restaurant owner we’ve worked with. This local business spotlight series has helped provide local restaurants with more publicity during these difficult times.

Customers of these restaurants benefited, too! If any listeners mentioned hearing Marygrove on WJR Radio when they visited a participating restaurant, they received a free appetizer or other type of food on Marygrove!

Other Community Projects

Marygrove Awnings has always worked hard to support our community. We believe that good corporate citizenship should be a crucial part of everything we do. We’ve supported charities, sports teams, and held blood drives.

Commercial Awning Options

A commercial awning serves a variety of purposes, including providing guests with a great first impression, attracting more visitors, and keeping customers comfortable. We offer the following types of commercial awnings:

Metal Standing Seam Awnings

Metal standing awnings are low maintenance, durable, and last for a very long time. They’re a great choice for a variety of different types of businesses that need a structure with limited upkeep.

Storefront Awnings

Storefront awnings are a great way to attract attention to your store and provide your customers with a shady spot to stand. The right commercial awning can improve your business’ curb appeal dramatically, as well as advertise your services.

Smoking Shelters

Smoking shelters are semi-closed structures designed to protect people from the elements when they’re outside smoking or just sitting outside.

Rolling Shutters

Another type of structure that can protect your business is the rolling shutter. Rolling shutters will protect your windows from winds and other heavy weather while also increasing energy efficiency. They’ll limit the amount of sunlight entering your building during the hot summer months, as well as preventing heat from escaping during the winter.

Outdoor Seating Awnings

Adding an outdoor seating awning is a cost-effective way to expand your restaurant and be compliant with COVID regulations. An attractive awning and outdoor seating will also help improve your restaurant’s curb appeal, which will bring in more customers who are looking to stay outside and dine safely.

The COVID pandemic hit restaurants especially hard, so Marygrove Awnings provided discounts and special promotions to restaurant owners to help them expand their offerings. This way business owners could afford to open up more room for seating outside.

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