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How to Clean an Awning

Maintaining your awning is essential to ensuring it has the longest lifespan possible. This includes checking your mountings and fixtures, removing debris from the cover and awning and cleaning it. Regular cleanings may even help extend the life of your product. Below, we’ll detail our recommendations for how to clean an awning.

How to Clean an Awning

There are a few things you will need to do before we can discuss how to clean an awning.

You’ll need a:

● ladder
● bucket
● Dawn dish soap
● soft-bristle brush
● hose

Cleaning Your Awning

1. First, fully extend your awning and clean any large debris or bird droppings off that may have become trapped when the awning was retracted.
2. Thoroughly and completely rinse off your awning.
3. While you wait for the water to run off, fill the bucket with lukewarm water and dilute the Dawn.
4. Once that’s done, use the soft-bristle brush to clean the awning fabric, allowing the solution to soak in.
5. Rinse your awning off until all soap residue is gone. Leave the awning extended and let it air dry completely.

We also recommend using a soft sponge to wipe down the awning cover and metal pieces. Be careful not to get water in or too close to the motor, as it may affect performance.

After washing your awning make sure to lubricate the elbows, shoulder, and wrist connection with silicone spray or paraffin based lubricant. Never use WD-40 or oil based products which can stain the cover or drip when exposed to warm temperatures.

By keeping your awning clean and well-maintained, your home will look its best. Now that you know how to clean an awning, you can keep yours in tip-top shape!

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