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Convenient Financing Options

Purchasing a Marygrove awning is easier than you think!

Don’t think you can afford a Marygrove awning? Subject to approved credit, we offer financing options that make adding the awning of your dreams convenient! Getting the Marygrove awning of your dreams is easier than you think! Don’t miss out on enjoying the shady oasis of your backyard because you believe you can’t afford a retractable awning.

Using our convenient financing, you can buy today and pay over time.

Wells Fargo Home Projects Credit Card

At Marygrove Awnings, we’re committed to making your retractable awning project convenient. That’s why we offer a variety of financing options with approved credit through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

With Wells Fargo, you’ll enjoy:

  • A wide range of payment options
  • A fast and easy application process
  • Friendly customer service
  • A customer portal for info, auto-pay and more

Commercial Financing

We love working with businesses of all sizes to make their custom awning project possible.  We have partnered with a local reputable lending institution to provide this special opportunity.  Our program allows you to finance your commercial awning or a louvered roof over a period of time that is convenient for you.  Get started by filling out the application below.

Backyard projects are opportunities for good clean family fun. With so many ideas for fun projects, it’s hard to find a place to start!

If you’re planning to make a big change to your outdoor space, make sure it comes with the shade you need to protect your guests when the sun gets to be too much. Add an awning to your plans at with special financing, subject to approved credit, the more modern choice to spend the day in the shade.

With special financing options, why wouldn’t you add an awning to your project plans? A retractable awning works great over a new patio or deck in your backyard. Adding this simple product to your outdoor decor can revolutionize how you use your space.

Outdoor dining on your new deck or patio is much more enjoyable under a retractable awning than a free-standing umbrella. Umbrellas in the center of patio tables wobble and may even rotate in the wind. They also don’t always cover the whole table, leaving your guests to get sweaty in the sun–better load up on sunscreen! A safer way to dine outdoors is under the comfort of an awning.

With an awning over your patio or deck, you can keep the party going even in a stray rain shower. When it rains, guests can retreat to safety under your awning and continue their conversations in a dry environment. Just remember to adjust the pitch slightly to keep water from pooling on top of the awning. Also keep in mind, your retractable awning should never be extended in snow or ice storms. Although the fabric is durable, this increases the wear and tear and decreases the lifespan of your awning.

Mounting an awning to the outside of your house over windows or a door can help increase the energy efficiency of your home. When a retractable awning is extended, it covers each window under it, keeping the interior cool without wracking up the electric bill. Fixed awnings also offer this benefit, which is helpful throughout the spring and summer months and increases your home’s value.

Thinking of starting a new landscaping project? There’s nothing quite like surrounding yourself with nature, sitting outside with a good book under a pergola. But sometimes too much sun can make you uncomfortable. Adding a retractable canopy to your pergola can help block any solar glare, so you can get back to enjoying the sounds and beauty of your own backyard–and that great book!

Marygrove’s retractable canopies work with all types and sizes of pergolas, wood or metal framed.

Fixed awnings protect you, your guests, and your home all year long. No need to worry about folding them up when the weather gets rough because the durable material of a Marygrove fixed awning is designed to withstand more extreme conditions.

With hundreds of solution-dyed fabrics, there’s a color to match every homeowner’s style.

Adding a screened in porch to your backyard can cost over $16,000. A more budget-friendly solution is to install a fixed awning and roll screens over your concrete or stone-laid patio.

When you invest in a fixed awning attached to your house, you’re saving time and money otherwise spent on extending your roof. The prices of tar paper, shingles, and other roofing materials in addition to professional labor add up quickly before you even consider the costs of windows and doors. Marygrove Awnings offers special financing, subject to approved credit, and no deposit required. 

A fixed awning with support legs shades your space, but adding a retractable screen system to each side of your awning can instantly transform your area into an enclosed bug-free room. Operating Marygrove’s motorized retractable screens is super easy. They come with a remote control that fits in the palm of your hand, which you can program to lower the screens to specific lengths or all the way to the ground. Talk with a pro or read the instructions carefully before programming your remote and using your screens.

When not in use, your motorized roll screens retract to their lightweight aluminum cassette housing–no need to worry about struggling to clip them into place or screen storage issues when they’re not being used! If standard size screens won’t work, we can easily create custom size remote-controlled retractable screens for your project.

Under a fixed awning lined with PVC-coated roll screens, your outdoor furniture won’t be fully exposed to harsh weather or bleached by the sun, and you can still let your pets roam around the patio without being bothered by bugs. Roll screens not only contain your shaded area, they can serve as privacy screens, as well, so you can go on living carefree and ignore nosy neighbors.

Special financing means you can admire the sunset from your new patio furniture and decor, including a stylish new outdoor rug and coffee table to create a cozy environment while staying under budget. If your outdoor room is big enough, why not go crazy and add a hanging porch swing to your patio? Whether you like the classic wooden

Cheap and easy doesn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to buying and installing an awning on your property. DIY kits from home improvement stores sometimes don’t have all the tools and materials needed for proper assembly of an awning, and retractable awnings can be even more complicated to install than fixed awnings, even if you consider yourself a handyman.

If your awning kit is missing hardware, you can expect to pay for any replacement parts you need to order, even if you’re not the one who lost them. You can’t count on financing if you buy from a home improvement store either. You’ll be stuck paying full price at the register when you could’ve saved time and money and even designed a custom awning by ordering online.

When you buy an awning from Marygrove Awnings online, you get timely professional installation. No need to worry about following a confusing instruction manual or finding a self-installation video guide on Youtube. Marygrove Awnings also offers fixed awnings that we install on the exterior of your home.

With locations in or near Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; and Ohio, Marygrove Awnings makes buying a top quality retractable awning easy and affordable. We help you finance and create the best fit your outdoor space, with tons of fabric color and pattern options and the ability to customize the size of the awning. But the benefits don’t end there.

Each model by Marygrove Awnings even comes with two valance options–straight and sea wave–so you can choose your style and keep one as a spare. All motorized retractable awning systems also come standard with 12-foot projection arms and built-in LED lights so you can hang out and party at night without investing in additional outdoor lighting. Average awning dealers charge extra for these perks, but Marygrove makes sure you get the service and product you deserve from the start.

In addition to the variety of canvas fabric choices, Marygrove offers three of the most popular lightweight aluminum frame colors–white, beige, and bronze–to store your awning in style.

It’s easy to get an at-home estimate by one of our awesome associates. When you buy an awning from Marygrove Awnings, you get speedy delivery with pro installation in nearly half the time, so you can start enjoying your new awning sooner. We also have a handy dandy retractable awning checklist for homeowners who are serious about adding awnings to their homes!

What makes Marygrove’s financing options so great? We understand remodeling your backyard can cost a pretty penny depending on the project, so we offer flexible financing options that allow customers to buy today and pay over time.. This gives you plenty of time to get your finances in order before making another commitment. Where else can you pay absolutely nothing up front for a custom-designed motorized awning?

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Marygrove experts work with architects during the build to design the right location for your awning so adults and kids can benefit from it most. Once construction is complete and your awning is mounted, it’s time to get the party started!