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Commercial Metal Awnings

Do you want to spruce up your business with a commercial awning? Look no further than commercial metal awnings! Custom metal awnings help your company stand out among other businesses as well as improve the exterior appearance of your facility.

If you’re thinking about boosting your business with a commercial metal awning, you can learn lots from this article. Together, let’s explore the benefits of commercial metal awnings as well as take a look at commercial metal awning examples for businesses.

No matter what type of business you own, a commercial metal awning is a valuable addition worth investing in.

What Are Commercial Metal Awnings?

Commercial metal awnings - restaurant awning - Marygrove Awnings
Commercial metal awnings can take many shapes and sizes, with this restaurant awning connected to a commercial solar screen. This restaurant is able to benefit from extended seating capacity and give patrons a taste of the outdoors during warm spring and summer months.

Commercial metal awnings are sturdy structures built to provide protection from the elements as well as enhance building facade. Crafted with heavy-duty materials, commercial metal awnings are long-lasting and designed to endure all weather conditions.

Metal awnings last longer than the typical canvas awning due to their sturdy structure and durable finishes. Moreover, commercial metal awnings require little maintenance and offer continuous beauty for your establishment.

Custom metal awnings can be crafted to match the color schemes of your business. Additionally, your brand’s name and message may be added to the metal awning for increased visibility.

Commercial Metal Awning Examples

Commercial metal awnings come in two designs: metal standing seam awnings and metal frame awnings with canvas covers. Both types of commercial metal awnings are excellent options for businesses and offer many benefits.

Besides being designed in two different varieties, commercial metal awnings can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Such customizations include size, color and design alterations to make your metal awning coordinate well with your facility. We’ll discuss custom metal awnings in further detail later on in this article.

Wondering what makes Marygrove commercial metal awnings unique for businesses? As the premier commercial awning company for 80-plus years, Marygrove Awnings creates custom metal awnings for businesses of all shapes and sizes. In addition, Marygrove provides speedy delivery and expert installation to enhance your business’ exterior design while also delivering professional service.

Our metal awnings are installed to perfectly suit your business. Simply provide us with the dimensions, and we’ll design a custom metal awning you can be proud of!

Metal Standing Seam Awnings

Metal standing seam awnings are built with sturdy substructures and long-lasting finishes that will withstand whatever the elements may bring. Their strong constructions require very little maintenance and will last for many decades.

Metal stand seam awnings are customizable to enhance your business in the most precise way. Both the size and color can be tailored to fit the needs of your facility.

Whether the sun is shining or it’s pouring rain, you can rest assured your metal standing seam awning will shield guests from the weather and protect the exterior of your building.

Commercial metal awnings - metal standing seam awning - Dino-Mite Crushing & Recycling - Marygrove Awnings

Metal Frame Awning With Canvas Cover

The metal frame awning with canvas cover is a unique type of awning, as it features a robust metal design and a canvas fabric. This type of awning is just as durable as metal standing seam awnings and is perfect for sprucing up a business’ curb appeal.

Besides being decorative, metal frame awnings with canvas covers offer many useful benefits for businesses. One such advantage is the metal frame awning’s ability to provide shade for customers and increase outdoor space. Furthermore, commercial metal awnings prevent wet-umbrella messes at the entrance of your building.

Similar to metal standing seam awnings, the metal frame awning with canvas cover calls for only minimal maintenance and will last for several years. They are built to endure all weather conditions, including rain, snow, ice and wind.

2 story business canvas awning

Benefits of Commercial Metal Awnings

When pondering the idea of installing a commercial metal awning, there are many benefits to consider. To begin, commercial metal awnings improve business visibility as they help your facility stand out among crowded shopping centers and busy streets. A commercial metal awning enhances your establishment’s appearance as well as draws in more customers.

In addition to sprucing up curb appeal, metal awnings for business provide shade and protection for customers who are entering and exiting your shop. Furthermore, commercial metal awnings eliminate safety issues related to slippery floors at entrances.

Another benefit of metal awnings for business is increased outdoor space. Whether you own a restaurant or retail store, a commercial metal awning will provide extra room for displaying products and shielding customers from the elements.

Finally, commercial metal awnings make excellent first impressions on guests who visit your business. Because commercial metal awnings improve business appearance, your company may experience a surge in income. In short, installing a metal awning for business is an investment quickly returned.

When selecting the best commercial metal awning company, there are many reasons why Marygrove Awnings is a great choice. Our commercial metal awnings are made with heavy-duty materials and durable finishes that are easy to maintain and will stand the test of time.

Custom Metal Awnings for Business

Although commercial metal awnings are available in standard sizes, there are many reasons why custom metal awnings are beneficial for businesses.

Custom metal awnings can be crafted to coordinate with your building’s size and shape. Additionally, you may choose custom colors that match your business’ color scheme.

Another feature of custom metal awnings is metal signs for business. These signs may include your company’s name, logo and offerings. Custom metal awnings with signs further promote your business and make your company stand out.

Marygrove Awnings makes designing custom metal awnings an easy process. Our team of awning experts, designers, fabricators and installers will walk you through the process of selecting your custom metal awning’s size, style, design and color. Regardless of the time of year, we can work with you to create a custom metal awning you’ll absolutely love!

Want to learn more about our custom metal awnings for business? Contact us today to find out how our custom awning process works and to begin the process of designing your commercial metal awning.

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