Smoking Shelters

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About Our Smoking Shelters

Adding a smoking shelter to your business shows you are conscious of the needs of your employees and customers and provides many other benefits. Our products are designed to house individuals smoking and shield them from inclement weather. Adding one can also help you control smoking litter. We are able to design a versatile, unique structure to meet your needs.

Smoking Shelter Conceptual Drawing


Marygrove smoking shelters can be designed using a plethora of structures, styles and options. We’re able to create huts that are completely open on one side, able to house picnic tables and trash bins, or completely enclosed to keep out the cold and rain. Adding a designated smoking area is not only convenient for your business, it’s also convenient for your customers and employees.

Size Options

While most smoking shelters are small, with only enough room to stand, Marygrove can also create medium and large structures. The larger designs have enough space to house tables and chairs, allowing people to sit and chat while they smoke.

Smoking Hut