Commercial Awning Options for Business Owners

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Want to enhance your business and attract more customers? A commercial awning may be exactly what you’re looking for! Commercial awnings can boost your curb appeal as well as provide shade for customers and more space for outdoor seating.

Let’s discover the different types of commercial awnings to choose from and why a Marygrove awning is the perfect option for you!

Types of Commercial Awnings

Not all commercial awnings are alike. Whether it be a storefront awning, outdoor seating awning, smoking shelter or window shades, each type of awning has its own special features and purpose.

Below, we’ll look in detail at the types of commercial awnings and the benefits of awnings for business fronts.

Moody Gardens Outdoor Awning

Storefront Awnings

Want to attract customers to your business and make a good first impression? If so, our storefront awnings are the perfect option for you. Storefront awnings are designed to boost your curb appeal, advertise your business and help customers easily find your location. Some storefront awnings are also designed to provide shade for customers while others are simply awning signs to advertise your business.

No matter what design you’re looking for, Marygrove Awnings has you covered. We can match your brand’s color schemes to give your storefront awning a highly professional look.

Outdoor Seating Awnings

Expand your business’s seating area and outdoor seating season with an outdoor seating awning. Especially common for restaurants, outdoor seating awnings are a cost-effective way to provide more seating space for your customers. In fact, you may also attract more customers to your business because you offer outdoor seating.

In addition to providing shade, outdoor seating awnings also shelter your customers from rain, snow, wind and other harsh weather.

Tower Inn Cafe Bar & Grill Awning
Andiamo Outdoor Seating Area Awning Example

Louvered Roofs

Our Louvered Roof Systems, also known as retractable pergolas, are an effective way to block harmful sun rays and rain while still providing plenty of air circulation and a bright atmosphere. They are designed with a series of horizontal slats that are angled. These slats can be adjusted and will rotate 180 degrees with just the push of a button.

Retractable pergolas are an exceptional choice for restaurants, as they provide shade and shelter for your customers during all temperatures and weather.

Smoking Shelters

Be conscious of the needs of your employees and customers by providing a smoking shelter at your facility. Not only does a Marygrove smoking shelter provide protection from the weather but it also helps control smoking litter. Our smoking shelters can be customized to fit your needs.

Although most smoking shelters are built very small, we can also build larger structures to offer room for picnic tables and trash bins.

Smoking Enclosure
Security Shutters

Rolling Shutters

Protect your business windows from harsh weather with Marygrove rolling shutters. Our rolling shutters are made to offer protection for windows, reduce the amount of noise reaching inside the building and provide extra security.

Rolling shutters can also lower your cooling costs during the summer, as they block the sun from reaching your business.

Window Shades and Solar Screens

Marygrove’s remote-controlled window shades and solar screens are an excellent way to shield customers from the weather while still providing ventilation. Our commercial window shades are made with PVC-coated fiberglass, which is designed to block damaging sunlight from reaching the inside of your building. Marygrove window shades also feature a unique construction that allows for plenty of air circulation, helping your business remain cool and comfortable for customers.

Small Retractable Pergola

Summing up: Commercial Awnings for Business Owners

Ready to boost the curb appeal of your business? Marygrove’s custom awnings for business can improve your business’ visibility, increase your outdoor seating space, protect indoor products and furniture from the sun, and make your facility attractive. 

Looking for the best commercial awning company? Look to Marygrove Awnings. Our experts are ready to help create the commercial awning of your dreams.