Commercial Window Shades and Solar Screens

Are you considering installing commercial window shades for your business? Marygrove window shades can make an excellent addition to your facility. Also known as solar screens, commercial window shades provide your customers with protection from the elements as well as improve air circulation. Our window shades are operated with just the click of a button and are designed using the latest green technology.

Whether you own a restaurant, retail store or other business, commercial solar screens are a great investment. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Marygrove’s window shades and solar screen installation.

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Benefits of Marygrove’s Window Shades and Solar Screens

The benefits of installing commercial window shades are practically endless. Marygrove’s window shades improve air quality, protect your customers from the elements and increase your business’ seating area. Below, let’s discover in detail the advantages of window shade installation.

Window Shades Can Increase Your Business' Seating Area

Want to increase the seating area of your business? Marygrove’s window shades allow you to provide extra seating space that you might not have otherwise. You may also attract more customers to your business because you offer seating with improved ventilation and air quality.

Commercial solar screens are not only excellent for restaurants that want to provide extra dining space but for stores and other businesses that want to protect their products from the sunlight. Our window shades are designed to block out damaging UV rays from reaching indoor items while still providing ventilation for customers.

Solar Screens Can Extend Your Business' Outdoor Seating Season

Our commercial solar screens are a fantastic way to extend your business’ outdoor seating season. Not only do solar screens provide extra air circulation but they will keep your customers comfortable no matter what the weather may bring. Whether the sun is shining or it’s pouring rain, your customers will be protected from the elements.

Keeping Everyone Safe

During recent challenging and uncertain times, businesses across the United States are taking safety precautions more than ever. Many businesses are exploring ways to improve air circulation and quality in their facilities. Marygrove’s window shades are a tremendously effective solution for companies that want to improve the ventilation of their building as well as meet evolving legal requirements.

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Marygrove Window Shades Feature PVC-Coated Fiberglass

Our commercial window shades are designed using the latest green technology. Made with PVC-coated fiberglass, our screens are designed to block damaging sunlight from reaching the inside of your building. Marygrove window shades also feature a unique construction that allows excellent ventilation, helping keep your facility cool and comfortable for customers.

Window Shade Installation

Interested in installing Marygrove sun shades for business windows? Let us know what design you have in mind, and our design experts will work with you to create a solar shade that perfectly fits your window.

The friendly and helpful Marygrove team will also suggest the best option for your business, providing you with detailed window shade installation plans.

Solar screen installation has never been so easy!

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