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A commercial awning can help your business make a great first impression. The right window and walkway coverings can bring customers in and help boost your business.

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From concept to completion, when it comes to commercial awnings, storefront or general awnings for business Marygrove does it all. Our team of sales professionals, designers, fabricators and installers has you covered. Together we can design the best and most cost-effective way to enhance your business.  Complete the form below to see how the Marygrove team can bring your ideas to life.

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Metal Standing Seam Awnings

Marygrove can create awnings to suit the needs of your business. Nothing lasts longer than metal awnings; ours are low maintenance and extremely durable. This means you will have years of uninterrupted beauty and effortless care.

Storefront Awnings

Storefront awnings have the power to bring customers inside. Using the proper color, message and location will increase your business’s curb appeal. Store awnings can be used to dress up your business’s facade as well as advertise its services. Marygrove can help you make the best first impression possible with an awning tailored to your needs.

Outdoor Seating Awnings

Outdoor seating awnings are one of the best ways to expand your restaurant. An affordable option for business expansion, adding outdoor awnings can also increase your seasonal business as many people enjoy dining outside during late spring, through summer and in early fall. Adding an awning from Marygrove will add value to your business.

Smoking Shelters

Marygrove’s smoking shelters can be custom-designed to meet the needs of your employees and customers. They are semi-closed structures created to house individuals smoking and shield them from unpleasant weather. We use the highest quality materials that require absolutely no maintenance.

Smoking Enclosure

Rolling Shutters

A rolling shutter from Marygrove can provide weather protection while increasing energy efficiency. They can protect windows from gale-force winds and flying debris. Adding one can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your building during the sunnier months as well as prevent heat from escaping during colder months.

Commercial Awnings

First impressions are key for continued business. Do you own a B2C business with a physical location? Installing commercial awnings can enhance the exterior, making it appear a more welcoming environment.

Commercial awnings are popular with companies in many industries. Awnings are common at car dealerships, fine dining and fast food restaurants, bars, hotels and inns, jewelry stores, and storefronts of other quaint retail shops.

Commercial awnings enhance the look and feel of your property. They bring comfort and style to both old and new buildings and companies in nearly any industry.

They can also increase energy efficiency. Installing an awning over your glass front door or storefront window helps keep the inside temperature down, so browsers can stay cool in your shop’s interior. Storefront awnings also make window shopping more enjoyable. Not only do they provide a cool area to stand under, they cast shade over shop windows to prevent sun glare on the glass.

Shade is crucial for a comfortable dining experience, too. Company luncheons or Saturday afternoon get togethers outdoors are less pleasant when you’re stuck sweating in the sun. Awnings shelter guests from sun but also protect them against unexpected showers.

Image is everything when drawing in customers. If you own a restaurant, bar, lodging company, or storefront business in a city, you should consider investing in awnings for the exterior of your building.

If you rent space for your business, be sure to talk to your building manager before you install an awning on the property.

Whether you have a wall mounted pergola attached to your home or a freestanding pergola, it’s wise to get a professional to deliver and install your pergola cover. You can upgrade your pergola system by adding a vinyl retractable screen to each side to create a mosquito-proof outdoor room.

Rules and regulations for awning installation and use vary from area to area. Check your local township or county requirements before installing an awning on the outside of your building. Also be sure to check with the building manager if you rent your business space. He or she may have more information on obtaining a permit or may even get one for you.

Many factors should be considered when choosing whether to buy a metal or canvas awning for your business. For example, what is the purpose of your commercial awning? Are you looking to create an outdoor room or just cover extra space with shade? Aluminum awnings are ideal for outdoor rooms, whereas canvas awnings are more decorative and perfect for additional shade.

Location also plays a large role in determining the type of awning to buy for your business. Do you run a restaurant with outdoor seating that faces west? You’ll want some way to shade your guests in the late afternoon so the sun doesn’t interrupt their otherwise pleasant dining experience. You can also add roll screens around the outside of your awning to turn the outdoor space into an impromptu room if it gets too windy.

Canvas fabric awnings offer more variety. Custom commercial awnings made of canvas are available in various colors, patterns, and valance designs to match any style. However, if you require more shade rather than decoration, you may need to choose darker fabric color. A benefit to both types of awnings: your logo or custom design can be added to either cloth or aluminum.

An aluminum awning requires less maintenance and cleaning than a canvas awning. Rain rolls right off of angled aluminum awnings; whereas if not properly installed, water can pool on top of a fabric awning. It’s important to regularly clean canvas awnings so they don’t harbor mold or mildew. Weather conditions limit the life of canvas fabric awnings, so it’s not uncommon for them to last an average of five years.

Aluminum awnings can serve a more solid purpose. It’s easy to create a brand new outdoor room with an aluminum awning, as it often looks like an extension of your building rather than a cover over your entryway. Metal standing seam awnings are perfect for covering arenas, providing shelter for outdoor performers.

Commercial awnings work wonders over windows, doors, and any long walkway. A storefront with an awning is likely to draw more traffic and business than a store without that additional pop of personality.

Restaurants and hotels in large cities like New York City often add long dome awnings that extend outward from the main entrance to attract attention and cover their crowds. Bakeries and coffee shops with outdoor seating in the city often have smaller awnings along the exterior of their buildings.

If you run a restaurant with an outdoor seating area, it would be wrong not to have a canopy over at least part of the back deck or patio, especially if you run a beach front business. Marygrove’s outdoor seating awnings are ideal for meeting this need. Not all canopies have to be attached to a structure. A free standing awning over a section of patio seating is an excellent way to keep guests cool on those hot summer days and enhances the experience of evening dining. Line your commercial awning with LED lights to give a more relaxing feeling to customers enjoying date nights under your awning. Outdoor lighting is always a plus.

Heavy duty aluminum awnings are ideal for covering your loading dock to keep your products and stock guys safe from inclement weather.

Be sure to hire a professional to install any awnings you want to put up. DIY awning kits are not ideal, especially when using fixed awnings for commercial purposes. You may also risk voiding the warranty if you don’t take advantage of professional installation services offered by the manufacturer.

If you should need to repair a commercial awning, consult your owner’s manual to find the proper procedure for ordering replacement parts. Any parts used not from the manufacturer or doing the repairs yourself could void the awning warranty.

If you have a fabric commercial awning, it’s important to wash it regularly to ensure it stays free of mold and mildew. Rinse the surface lightly with water before washing. Use a light cleaner diluted with water when washing the awning so the mixture doesn’t bleach the fabric. An old rag, soft bristled brush, or soapy sponge is best for scrubbing the awning. Avoid abrasive sponges. Rinse thoroughly with light water pressure.

Aluminum awnings need less maintenance to preserve their lifespan. Although they can be cleaned the same way as fabric awnings, aluminum awnings don’t need to be cleaned as often.

Be sure to also rinse the patio or deck beneath and around the awning, too, so the solution doesn’t stain or leave soapy residue. And always use a ladder to get the hard to reach spots so you don’t strain your muscles. It’s also helpful to have someone spot you while on the ladder just to play it safe.

Marygrove provides incomparable services. With speedy delivery and expert contractors with extensive installation experience, we help enhance the style of your business while delivering the professional service you deserve.

No matter the time of year, we are at your service. As manufacturer of top quality awnings in standard and custom sizes, we can decorate your storefront with style. You provide the dimensions, we supply, deliver, and install the final product.

Material matters. Not sure what type of commercial awning to buy? Our experts can help guide you through the online purchasing process and offer ideas to make sure you get the best commercial awning for your business.

We do business in and near Detroit, Michigan and its surrounding areas as well as Ohio and Illinois. Get much more than pictures–visit our showrooms for the full Marygrove experience.

Marygrove Awnings® offers a wide selection of awnings, both residential and commercial. Our motorized retractable awning systems are favorited among homeowners, and our outdoor seating and storefront awnings are preferred by countless business owners. We even offer rolling shutters as protective covers keeping windows safe from high winds and stray debris, perfect for ticket booths. Ready to buy a commercial awning? Connect with one of our awesome customer service reps today!

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