Louvered Roofs in Boston

Louvered Roofs in Boston, MA

A louvered roof is a perfect way to add instant appeal to your home while protecting your patio from the elements, making for an intelligent investment for your home. A pergola structure will provide shade, durability, and coverage, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round.

What is a Louvered Roof System?

A retractable pergola is a system of angled horizontal slats that still allow light and air to filter through. At the same time, the louvered roof also keeps out elements like rain and heat.
These motorized slats can turn and pivot to customize the coverage for your space.

Benefits of a Boston Retractable Pergola

One way to instantly improve the outdoor space at your home is to have a pergola installed. This louvered roof system provides classic style, incredible durability, and protection from the sun. A pergola will transform your patio and will give you a more functional space to entertain. You will want to spend more time outdoors because you will control the amount of sun exposure coming through the movable slats.

Expand Your Livable Space Boston

Adding a solid structure like a retractable pergola to your home gives you another space outside of your home to enjoy and entertain guests. By adding this attractive feature to your home, you will create a relaxed atmosphere.

Shade and Protection from the Sun

The hot summer sun and extreme temperatures make it difficult to want to spend any time outdoors. With a louvered roof system, you can customize the motorized slats to fit the needs of your outdoor space while providing the shade you desire. By adding a pergola to your home, you can reduce the cost of cooling your home.

Boosts Home Value

When a home has a louvered roof system in the backyard, the home value will increase considerably. The solid structure adds functionality to your home and keeps the elements off your patio. Essentially adding a pergola gives your house another living space which boosts the value of your home, thus making it a feature that anyone can appreciate.

Build Out Your Boston Backyard

Adding a pergola to your backyard will give you instant style and function. Another room is added to your home, especially when the pergola is used in conjunction with roll screens to enclose the space. The louvered roof system is the perfect structure that will seamlessly blend your home, patio, and backyard.

Features of Our Boston Retractable Pergolas

Our Boston, MA retractable pergolas are a combination of comfort and convenience. Some of the key features include quality parts built to last, horizontal slats that open and shut, and are easy to operate. These features truly set Marygrove apart from others in the same industry. We would love the opportunity to design a louvered roof system for your home.

Built to Last

We manufactured everything in our facility here in the USA with a high standard of quality in mind. When your awning is constructed, your needs and expectations are part of the process. You can have confidence that your Margrove pergola is built to last.

Horizontal Slats That Open and Shut

The slats in our louvered roof systems are flexible and motorized to be moved and customized as you desire. This remote-operated system will allow you to rotate the slats at a 180-degree angle to adjust the pergola exactly where you want. This pergola system gives you many options for how much light and air you allow to filter through the slats putting you in complete control. https://www.marygrove.com/what-is-a-pergola/

Fully Motorized and Easy to Operate

Motorized retractable pergolas allow you to effortlessly make changes to your space at just the press of a button. There will be no need to scramble to cover your area when inclement weather arrives due to the incredible design of the louvered roof system that will protect your patio and furniture.

Boston Commercial Louvered Roofs

For Boston, MA commercial spaces, providing outdoor space for guests is essential to feel comfortable and relaxed. Louvered roofs have horizontal slats that are angled in such a way that it allows for light and air to flow through but at the same time keeps out the rain at just the push of a button. A pergola will instantly transform your space into a welcoming atmosphere by providing an outdoor space with a louvered roof system from Marygrove. Learn more about commercial louvered roofs.

Retractable Pergolas for Boston Restaurants

In Boston MA, retractable pergolas are easy to spot, provide coverage, and extend the dining experience to the outdoors. By adding a retractable awning, offering protection from extreme heat or rain will allow you to serve more guests.

Other Businesses That Benefit from Motorized Louvered Roofs

  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants

Marygrove Boston Awnings

Marygrove Awnings is an American-based manufacturer with expertise in louvered roof systems. We are happy to provide free on-site estimates, custom-designed retractable awnings according to your space and needs, and install louvered roof systems for residential and commercial in Boston, MA. We pride ourselves on our professional team and customer service.

Contact Us to Learn More About Boston Louvered Roofs

If you’re interested in learning more about our louvered roof systems to see if it’s a good fit for your outdoor space, we would love to help you through the process from start to finish. Reach out to Marygrove Awnings today, and we’ll connect you with a representative to help you pick the best option based on your needs. Our design team will assist you with the best layout for your patio and outdoor area so you have the opportunity to use the space as much as you can.