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What Is A Retractable Pergola Canopy?

A retractable pergola canopy is made from a series of horizontal slats angled to admit light and air but keep out rain and heat. If you’re looking to add a more solid structure to your home a louvered roof is just what you need!

Retractable Pergolas

Pergolas add appeal to the exterior of your home. One of our new favorite products, the retractable pergola canopy, is designed with convenience and comfort in mind so you and your friends can keep it cool and casual.

Motorized retractable awnings are not made for covering pergolas. Using a retractable awning above your pergola can snag or tear the fabric on its wooden or metal frame. Water can often pool on the waterproof cloth cover if the pitch is not adjusted and the awning is left extended, weighing down the retractable metal arms. Retractable awnings are better suited for over a deck or balcony, not a pergola.

If you want to cover your pergola, you should invest in a retractable pergola canopy or motorized adjustable louvered roof system. Specifically crafted to provide shade over your pergola while still letting air flow freely, these systems feature aluminum slats (louvers) you can easily slant to adjust the amount of sun that shines onto your patio. You can’t control the amount of sun that comes through your pergola with a retractable awning!

Adding a canopy or louvered roof system on top adds a modern edge to your classic structure.

A standard pergola features stationary rafters that don’t protect homeowners and friends from rain or harmful sun rays. A retractable pergola canopy shades your outdoor space while allowing you to enjoy the look and feel of a traditional pergola.

Outdoor entertainment can last for hours under a retractable pergola canopy. Slatted louver systems are designed to withstand varying weather conditions, including heavy rains. A retractable awning should not be exposed to hard rain or snow, because these elements can decrease the life of the product. In inclement weather, you can convert your pergola into an outdoor room by installing and lowering motor-powered roll screens on its sides.

A motorized adjustable pergola top is simple to operate. No manually sliding a heavy canvas over your head. Just press a button on your remote to adjust the louvers and escape from hot sun rays while the breeze flows freely through your space.

All the hardware and miscellaneous parts that come with a retractable pergola canopy kit make installation confusing and complicated, and instructions don’t always make a DIY kit much easier.

Whether you have a wall mounted pergola attached to your home or a freestanding pergola, it’s wise to get a professional to deliver and install your pergola cover. You can upgrade your pergola system by adding a vinyl retractable screen to each side to create a mosquito-proof outdoor room.

Before you start scrubbing away at your pergola, be sure to do your research. You don’t want to damage the finish of its frame or slanted louvers.

  • Lightly wet the louvers of the canopy with a garden hose to remove loose debris before scrubbing.
  • Wash each of the panels individually to ensure a thorough cleaning.
  • Don’t wrestle with a tall, unsteady ladder. Use a long-handled, medium-bristled brush to reach the slats.
  • Rinse thoroughly without extreme water pressure.
  • If your pergola is attached to your home, rinse soap away from the house.

Avoid harsh chemicals that may tarnish the finish of your pergola, and never use high water pressure.

You can always consult Google, but the best way to find out how to clean your system is to refer to the instructions in your owner’s manual or speak to a knowledgeable customer service representative.

When you rely on cheaper brands and home improvement stores like Lowe’s or The Home Depot, you don’t receive the top quality parts of a pergola canopy that will last for decades. The price of replacement parts can be quite costly when you’re stuck with a poor quality canopy system.

DIY canopy kits can also be dangerous, especially if you have no experience and lack the proper tools for installation. You may pour all your strength into installing a canopy or louvered roofing system on your wooden or steel-framed pergola, but if it’s not installed right, you’re liable to suffer a lawsuit if someone gets injured.

Have you measured the square footage of your pergola? You need to know its size if you plan to buy a pergola canopy or adjustable roof system. No matter the length and width of your pergola, a reputable adjustable canopy manufacturing company can help you determine the best sized canopy to install.

When shopping for pergola covers, be sure to compare prices and pay attention to the latest product reviews to find the top rated cover for your pergola. Also consider whether the system comes with a warranty. If not, how much will one cost? What will it cover?

Consult Marygrove Awnings® for your pergola cover needs. Adding an adjustable pergola canopy by Marygrove Awnings® to your existing pergola introduces unbeatable quality comfort to your space, making your backyard the place to be this summer.

We also offer commercial louvered roofs to expand outdoor seating areas for restaurants and other venues in Detroit, Chicago, and their surrounding areas.

Have plans to transform your outdoor space into a homier atmosphere? There are tons of options to customize a pergola and make it your own.

When your roll screens aren’t in use, tie back custom curtains to each post of the pergola. Curtain cloth comes in various degrees of thickness, colors, and prints so you can choose a design that matches your outdoor decor. Hang lights around the perimeter of your pergola to keep the party going in the dark. With a louvered roof system on your pergola, you and your guests can admire the stars from the comfort of your outdoor furniture.

Decorate the area around your freestanding pergola by planting a small flower garden on a few sides.

Extremely Adaptable

A retractable pergola canopy is uniquely designed with moveable louvers and slats that rotate a full 180 degrees with the push of a button. Adjust to the changing weather has never been easier! The battery-powered system lets you quickly and precisely adjust the angle of your louvered roof. You have complete control whether you need to adjust to the setting sun or a pop-up thunderstorm.

Louvered Pivot

The original louvered roof system has been improved and perfected since its inception in 2011. Its award-winning pivot design gives a full 170° range of motion to provide a cool oasis regardless of the sun’s position. Now integrated with iLouver technology, the Pivot can intuitively control the effects of the weather to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

Louvered Slide

We listened and challenged our design team do what no other louvered roof can do… give you full sky. The Slide gives you the ability to open the space above you while maintaining the versatility of the Pivot. By combining these two features, the Slide will totally revolutionize the way we view outdoor living.

Awesome Retractable Pergola Canopies Built by Marygrove

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